• Labs

    Diesel Engines Lab

    The Lab contains diesel engines covering hands-on training purposes for marine, mechanical engineering and maritime transport students in addition to vocational tutoring including the SULZER® diesel engine of 4 stroke type, having 6 cylinders of trunk type piston producing 1100 hp at 750 rpm. Another engine of 2 stroke type having 3 cylinders producing 750 hp at 320 rpm is also available and can be operated either locally or remotely from the engine control room, similar to that normally found on board ships. Two FIAT® diesel engines driving two alternators are available. Beside the previously mentioned engines, another two engines are dedicated to dismantling and assembly purposes. A small workshop equipped with a lathe, a drill, and welding tools is allocated for maintenance operations.

    Marine Engineering Lab (1)

    This lab is used for educational and training purposes of marine engineering and maritime transportation students and graduates. The lab incorporates some of the equipment a trainee would face in marine engine rooms, such as Valves and main thrust bearings. This lab covers areas related to the different types of valves, their purposes of use, how to maintain valves e.g. packing a gland, preparing gaskets, and lapping of valves to their respective seats using proper tools and materials. A main thrust bearing is available for the purpose of dismantling, inspection, measuring the clearances, re–conditioning of thrust pads, and assembly.

    Marine Engineering Lab (2)

    This lab is assigned to pumps, compressors, and steering gear training for marine engineering and maritime transport students. The lab covers areas related to the different types of pumps and compressors, their applications in use, their constructional details, probable defects and faults and their remedial actions.

    Trainees from different disciplines, related to those areas, practice the importance of steering gear, its vital role in a ship, and its operational procedure at sea, especially in emergency situations.