Department History

The Electrical & Control specialization emerged as a branch of the engineering department in the Arab Maritime Transport Academy (AMTA). Headed by its initiator, Dr. MAAMOUN a control engineering guru. The department delivered courses to the cadets of the marine technology department since the onset of the academy in 1972 and later to the marine engineering and nautical electronics students. Dr. MAAMOUN was succeeded by Dr. MOHAMMED El FAHHAM and Dr. IBRAHIM EL MOHR, both specialized in electrical power engineering, were responsible for recruiting faculty members and preparing for the first student's intake in the electrical & Control Engineering discipline in the academic year 1994/1995.

In 1996, the department accepted its first intake of postgraduate students, mainly offering the service for its own teaching assistants.

In 1998, Prof. Ahmed Amer, and Prof. Ezz ElDin Zakzouk, both specialized in control engineering, took charge of the department. The department implemented and adopted the quality assurance system and modified both its undergraduate and postgraduate status reports.

In 2006, the department was managed by the long practically experienced Prof. Hussien el Dessouky succeed by Prof. Yasser Gaber in 2010, then Prof. Hamdy Ashour in 2012.

The department is currently managed by Assoc. Prof. Mostafa Abdel-Geliel.