Vision & Mission


The vision of the B. Sc. electrical and control engineering program is to provide a high quality electrical and control engineering education leading to graduate engineers capable of performing planning, design, installation, operation, control, and maintenance of modern large electrical power systems and high advanced control applications.


The mission of the electrical and control program can be summarized in the following points:

  • To provide high quality education in electrical and control engineering with continuously pursuing the best teaching methods, facilities and advanced technologies.
  • To advance electrical engineering science and technology by combining basic knowledge with innovative applications of engineering.
  • To prepare graduates who are able to work efficiently, accurately in the field of electrical and control engineering.
  • To produce future leaders for electrical industries, academia, governmental organizations and society whose vision is based on fundamental knowledge, analytical methods, engineering, technical skills, creativity, perspective and ethics.
  • To provide and support electrical and control engineering research leading to expansion of knowledge to ensure high quality education.
  • To contribute actively in nation's pursuit towards a diverse and sustainable economy by fostering and opening technology transfer channels.
  • To provide technical expertise and training to industrial and governmental firms.