The Future of the Hybrid Technology for Automotive Applications Worshop

A work shop is aimed to enhance teaching and collaborative research between universities and industrial companies in Egypt and international institutions in areas related to hybrid technology and advanced vehicle safety.


1.To establish a university consortium between the Egyptian Academia and corporations from USA, Canada, Europe, Far East and Egypt to fund R&D programs in hybrid technology, electrical drives, automation and renewable energy,
2.To establish a joint R&D programs with universities in Egypt, in USA (IUPUI, Wisconsin, Madison), in Canada (Concordia) and in UK (Staffordshire),
3.To establish a new digital library for teaching R&D for electrical and electronics engineering,
4.To establish new courses for teaching electrical machines (both design and dynamic performance) for undergraduate and graduate programs. An outline curriculum for offering a renewable energy program will be discussed in the third day of the workshop,
5.To establish an advanced lab for modern variable-speed drives for under graduate teaching and graduate research projects, to be a model of adoption for international institutes,
6.To study the impact of introducing the hybrid technology on the national electric grid,
7.To introduce studying Mechactronics for the design of hybrid vehicles.

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