Welcome to the web site of the Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Program)-Smart Village Branch.

This website has been established to provide comprehensive and detailed information about the program. This information includes programs offered by the program and their detailed curriculum structure, graduates job opportunities in local and international markets, students projects and academic research projects. In addition, we introduce the st..

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Market &
Career Opportunities

Mechatronics Program is a multidisciplinary program that combines Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering in order to design, and manufacture advanced products. The need for a “Mechatronics Program” emerged from the high and rapid development in the control of mechanical systems and the appearance of a new generation of fully controlled me..

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Latest News

There are automotive training courses offered by Ghabbour Academy for AASTMT students.

To register just copy the following URL:

https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=C ... 

Stanford University recently released a list of "the best 2% of the world`s scientists" with the most cited academic in various disciplines, who number about 160 thousand scientists from 149 ...