College Message

Welcome to the college of engineering and technology, Heliopolis branch. The college was established almost two decades ago with experienced faculty members with highest qualifications from several prestigious universities worldwide. The faculty members are committed to offer a preeminent standard of education, with applied experiences in the relative disciplines. The college is keen to update its laboratories with the latest technologies. These laboratories support the requirements of a changing syllabus to address the emerging technologies that solve many contemporary environmental and social problems.

The college consists of six departments and a service basic science department. Each department offers Bachelor degree which is ABET accredited. Also, all departments offer Master of Science degrees in their specialization. The college is eager to update its local and international accreditations to maintain an outstanding educational experience to the region. 

Students enrolling in any program offered by the college will receive the support of the faculty members to perceive the theoretical background and the applications of the studied topics. The college studies the changing job market needs and addresses their requirements in their educational programs to qualify its graduates for ever changing and fast paced technological careers. The college researches possible industrial training opportunities in the summer vacation for students and guide them to apply for these opportunities. Students are encouraged to think logically, use tools efficiently, and learn methods of scavenging more information to keep up with change and advancements.

The college partners with other research institutions to collaborate in research projects to provide outcomes that address contemporary challenges and possible solutions.  The different Masters by coursework (Diplomas) programs offered by the different departments qualify the graduate students to advanced topics in their disciplines and current research topics. A thesis component is required for a research Master’s Degree.

We hope that you benefit from all our services during your years with us, and make us proud of your achievements after graduation. Again, welcome to the college of engineering and technology,

Best wishes, 

Khaled Shehata, Professor. of Electronics & Communication
Dean of Engineering, Cairo