College Message

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Technology, Heliopolis Branch. The college was established over two decades ago to serve the educational needs of the Arab region and the African continent. The college is equipped with the latest laboratories and staffed by the highest caliber faculty to ensure that we provide an exceptional service to our students.

The college consists of six educational departments and a service basic sciences department. Five of our departments are ABET accredited, while the 6th, the Architecture and Environmental Design department, is RIBA accredited. Both MSc and PhD degrees are offered by all the departments in the college to provide an integrated educational experience spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The college consistently upgrades the syllabi of our courses to ensure that they meet the latest pedagogical requirements and market needs. This focus on innovative course deliver methods allows us to quickly respond to changing environmental factors such as the ongoing pandemic. The college also periodically holds consultancy meetings with a prestigious industrial advisory board to make sure that our curriculum meets the needs of industry one of our core constituents.

.The college also offers many opportunities for practical training and makes this training a requirement for graduation thus ensuring that our graduates are exposed to both academic material as well as practical experience. The educational journey is culminated in a capstone project that allows our students to implement practical solutions to real world problems.

Our postgraduate degrees also offer the opportunity to conduct world class research, with funding and support provided by industry, governmental organizations and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport itself.

We hope that you benefit from all our services during your stay with us, and make us proud of your achievements after graduation. Again, welcome to the college of engineering and technology, we wish you the best in your academic journey with us.

Best wishes, 

Adel Belal, Professor. of Structural Engineering
Dean of Engineering, Cairo