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  • Accreditation

    All academic programs offered by the college of Engineering, Heliopolis, are accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, which guarantees that our graduates join the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate once graduated. In addition, all our academic programs are accredited by the most prestigious international bodies that ensure the international competitiveness of our graduates either in their postgraduate studies or in getting work opportunities in the local/international job market. So, you can rest assured that the degree you obtain from the College of Engineering is accredited by the most stringent regulatory authorities in this field and that your education is in safe hands.

    The Architecture and Environmental Design program (AR) has the Royal Institute of Britch Architects (RIBA) accreditation, part 1 and 2, and is the first and only program in Egypt that was able to obtain this accreditation. As for the rest of our engineering programs, represented in the Construction and Building Engineering (CB), the Computer Engineering (CE), the Electronic and Communication Engineering (EC), the Electrical Engineering (EE), and the Mechanical Engineering (ME), they are all accredited by ABET.