Industrial Advisory Board

The sole purpose of the IAB is to add value to their associated academic program. An IAB has no legislative, administrative, or programmatic authority. The role of an IAB is advisory, exclusively. IAB members are volunteers who work cooperatively with the academic program and administration in an effort to share their expert knowledge of career-related tasks and professional competency requirements within the academic discipline. An IAB exists to advice, assist, and support & advocate for their associated academic program and the constituents of that program, as outlined below:

  • Advise IAB assess specific areas of the academic program. Suggestions designed to improve specific content areas could include: reviewing program goals and objectives, incorporating industry standards into the course material, and suggesting materials and equipment needed to update the laboratories. Suggestions should be presented in writing to the academic administrators of the program and the college.
  • Assist IAB assist both instructors and administrators with departmental activities. These activities could include: judging competitive skills events, setting up a scholarship program, participate as a graduation project examiner or serving as a guest lecturer in the classroom.
  • Support & Advocate IAB are established to promote and market the academic program locally, regionally, and nationally. Promotion and marketing could include: talking to legislators, speaking for career and technical education at professional and community meetings, and arranging for publicity in the media.

The industrial advisory board meeting with the College Council is held twice a year.  The members invited to join hold prominent positions in well reputed firms from the industry. They usually help with the target career occupations and opportunities for the students of the academic program. They usually give suggestions and models for formulating and completing the educational requirements of the academic program.