Training and Community Services

The training and community services unit is one of the many units of the College of Engineering and Technology serving students as well as the community. The unit is specialized in providing integrated training services that meet the various needs and requirements of the college and the challenges of the job market.

This is our belief:

  • The industry is our real customer as a non-profit educational institute, and it is the job market for our graduates and for all other engineers.
  • Our industry is very special and challenging, and to cope with, adoption for a continuous development philosophy is a must.
  • There is a need for strong and dynamic relations among academia, industry, and community.
  • This can be achieved by building ties and exchange scientific and technical expertise with different educational and industrial organizations in the region and throughout an active and effective Industry Advisory Board (IAB).
  • The IAB would help us to have a useful role for the community and the engineering one in particular.

Our Services:

  • Provide State of the art courses for latest knowledges and technologies in all engineering fields.
  • Provide onsite training.
  • Assist in students' placement in summer trainings.
  • Design/tailor specialized training courses.

Successful Stories:

  • Internationally, several students are continuously enrolled in summer training courses in UCLAN (England).
  • Locally, special training programs are offered in reputable firms and companies such as, the Electricity Authority, Philips, Siemens, Vodafone, Orange, Cisco Academy, PetroJet, EgyptAir, Arab Contractors, Orascom, ECG and numerous other firms.
  • Amongst the prominent training courses that the College of Engineering offers for engineers are the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC-Siemens)" and the "Contractual and Legal Aspects in the Construction Industry (CLAC)"

For more information, please contact the Vice Dean for Training and Community Services:

Prof. Rania M. El Sharkawy

Phone: +2 02 22685616 Ext.  565

Cellular: 01227336374

Room: Engineering B (411)

Email: rania.m.elsharkawy@gmail.comrania.m.elsharkawy@aast.edu