Welcome Note

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Control Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo Branch. There is no better time than now to start your career as an electrical power engineer! The job market is great and growing our graduates have received many strong offers from prominent companies like Orange, ABB, Schneider, Schlumberger, Total, etc.

It is well known that the degree of development of a nation is measured by the capital consumption of electrical energy. The generation of electricity, its transmission, distribution and utilization are thus of primary concern to all developing and rapidly industrializing countries. With electrification projects forging ahead in developing countries and peak demand forecast doubling every ten years, there is a strong need for experts in the generation, transmission and distribution engineering areas. Moreover, Arab and African countries are currently studying projects for the formation of super grids linking all nations from Iraq in the east to Morocco in the west, and from North Africa across the continent to South Africa. The scope of electrical power engineering is thus very wide and power engineers are required to be knowledgeable in both conventional and frontline topics.

Automatic control systems are not only responsible for the modern way of life they have indeed revolutionized all aspects of both civil and military life. Its industrial applications have speeded up the production and improved the quality of a very large number of manufactured goods. Automation applications has become an essential part of all aspects of industries such as power system, oil & gas industry, petrochemicals …etc

In the Electrical and Control Engineering Department, it is focused on delivering the up to date knowledge covering topics across the entire spectrum of Electrical and Control Engineering discipline. The education process is pursued in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere that is quite motivating and forward looking.

The Electrical and Control Engineering program has established an excellent reputation with industry as a source of excellent engineers. The Department faculty maintains this reputation by continually updating curricula to reflect current scientific and technological advances and requirements and by maintaining a research level and learning experiences relevant to the needs of our society.

If you are a prospective student in the Electrical and Control Engineering Department, please come visit us at Sheraton Heliopolis Campus – we always have time to welcome new and talented students to our program.