Masters Thesis

1-Title: Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Papered Slot-line Antenna Using Different Techniques For various Applications

Submitted by: Eng.Abdelah Maged Amin Alzahed Abstract.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.: Esmat Abdel Fattah, Prof. Dr.:Hazem Hassan Ali. {2012}

2-Title: Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) Techniques In Mobile Communication Systems

Submitted by: Eng.Mohamed Fathy Mohamed Abo Sree Abstract2.pdf 

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.: Mohamed Abo Dhab, Assoc.Prof. Dr.:Mohamed El Mahallawy, Dr.:Esam Hagras. {2013}

3-Title: Performance Evaluation Of Free Space Optical Communications

Submitted by: Eng.Amr S. El-Wakeel Abstract 3.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.: Mostafa Hussien, Dr.:Nazmi Azzan. {2013}

4-Title: Fast Circuits Simulation using Artificial Neural Networks and Sparse Coding

Submitted by: Eng.Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Kamal el deen  Abstract 4.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.: Waleed Fakr -Prof. Dr.:Yasser Hanafey- Assoc. Prof. Dr.:Mohamed El Mahallawy {2014}

5-Title: Digital Image Watermarking Protection Based On Chaotic Biometric System

Submitted by: Eng.Ahmed Elsayed Ahmed Zein Eldin abstract 5.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.: Waleed Fakr - Assoc. Prof. Dr.:Mohamed El Mahallawy - Dr.:Esam Hagras  {2011}

6-Title: Planar Miniature RFID Antennas

Submitted by: Eng.Ehab Mohamed Hamed Ghanem abstact 6 .pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.:Esmat Abdel Fattah - Prof. Dr.: Mohamed Abo Dhab-Assoc. Prof. Dr.:Mohamed El Mahallawy - Dr.:Esam Hagras  {2012}

7-Title: Advanced Wavelet-Based Approach To Spectrum Sensing For Cognitive Radio Networks

Submitted by: Eng.El-Nasser Salah El-Deen Youssef abstract 7.pdf     Thesis7.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.:Said EL-Khamy - Assoc. Prof. Dr.:Mohamed El Mahallawy  {2013}

8-Title:  Design,Assessement And Implementation Of An Efficient And Secure Cipher Algorithim For Mobile Phone Networks

Submitted by: Eng.Hazem Mostafa Eldeeb abstract 8.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.:Khaled Ali Shehata - Prof. Dr.:Nabil Hamdy Shaker {2013}

9-Title:  Spectral Properties Of Metamaterials

Submitted by: Eng.Kareem Salah Elassy abstract 9.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.:Moustafa Hussein Aly - Prof. Dr.:Nadia Hussein Rafat . Prof. Dr.:Mohamed Essam Khedr {2014}

10-Title: Modified Kalman Filter Tracker Based On Hidden Markov Model

Submitted by: Eng.Nawal Aly Mahmoud Zaher abstract 11.pdf   Thesis10.pdf

Supervised By: Prof. Dr.:Ashraf Mamdouh - Assoc.Prof. Dr.:Hussien Hamed Ghouz  {2014}