Masters Theses [Msc.]

Theses submitted in 2011

  1. Berwene Salah Abd El-Kerim, "Speed Control of Switched Reluctance Motor using Artificial Neural Network Techniques" [ Cover List of Contents Thesis ] 
  2. Mahmoud Osama El-Wadie, "An Islanding Detection Scheme Based On Fast Angle Estimation Technique for Inverter Based Distributed Generation" [ Cover List of Contents Thesis ]

Theses submitted in 2012

  1. Ibtihal Islam Ahmed Abdel-Motteleb, "Investigating the Effect of Adding a PV System to the Reliability of a Large Power System" [ Thesis ]
  2. Hatem Yassin Mohamed Diab, "Maximum Power Point Tracking of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Using Artificial Neural Networks" [ Cover Thesis ]

Theses submitted in 2013

  1. Ahmed Mohamed Khalid Mohamed, "Protection of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG)" [ Thesis ]
  2. Mahmoud Ibrahim Abd El Rahman Mohamed, "Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV System Using Fuzzy logic Controller" [ Cover Thesis ] 
  3. Sherif Hussein Haggag, "A Novel Measurement Technique for Extra High Voltage Busbar Fault Detection" [ Thesis ]

Theses submitted in 2014

  1. Basem Abd-El Hamid Rashad Abd-El Razek, "Power Quality Analysis of a Grid Connected PV System" [ Thesis ]
  2. Ayman Adel Salah El-Din Esmat, "Optimal Energy Management System for a Renewable based Micro-Grid " [ Thesis]
  3. Muhammad Mustafa Ismael, "A Novel Fuzzy Cause-and-Effect-Networks Based Methodology for a Distribution Substation’s Fault Diagnosis "[ Thesis ]
  4. Anas Osman Mohamed Shomer, " A PSO-Based Optimum Design of PID Controller for a Brushless DC Motor" [ Cover List of Content Thesis ]

Theses submitted in 2015

  1. Hazem Ayman Mohamed Fathi, "Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis on Isolated Microgrid Systems" [ Thesis ]
  2. Mohamed Fathy Abd El-Hamid El-FakharanyY, "Smart Grid Optimal Power Flow Control Utilizing a New Developed Artificial Intelligence Technique" [ Thesis ]
  3. Ahmed Sayed Abd El-Hamid Awad, "Applying an Intelligent Technique for Identification of Abnormal Conditions within Transformers" [ Thesis ]

Theses submitted in 2016

  1. Ahmed Kamal Ali Mostafa, "Smart Artificial Intelligence Voltage Instability Detector" [ Thesis ]
  2. Mai Sroor Ibrahim Mohamed, "Dynamic Performance of Dstatcom used for Voltage Regulation in DistributionSystem" [ Thesis ]
  3. Ashraf Saeed Huessin El-Bardawil, "Power Management of Open Winding PM Synchronous Generator for Unbalanced Voltage Condition " [ Cover List of Contect-Abstract ]