Electrical and Control Department is involved in the Egyptian Engineering Day 2016 (EED), The Egyptian Engineering Day is the biggest annual summit for students and engineers of Egypt organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) – Egypt Section.

The EED aims at bridging the gap between the academia and industry through exhibiting graduation projects to the government, industry, business sector and venture capitals.

Every year around 150 - 200 projects participate in the EED trying to implement solutions for the most serious problems in Egypt. From such challenge, the event aims to contribute in the development of the Egyptian product, and to highlight the creative and innovative solutions.

Three Projects are representing the Electrical and Control Department in the EED2016, Also five of our teaching staff have worked in the reviewing process of EED2016 projects.

In addition one of our teaching assistants, Eng. Ahmed Abd El-Raouf, has served in the EED executive board as the EED Vice-Chairman in 2015 and currently he is the chairman of the EED2016 executive board.

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