Department Courses

  1. Year (1) Semester (1)

    BA113 Physics 1None
    IM111 Industrial RelationsNone
    BA123 Mathematics 1None
    BA141 Engineering Mechanics 1None
    CC111 Introduction to ComputersNone
    ME151 Engineering Drawing & ProjectionNone
    LH131 English for Special Purposes 1None


  2.  Year (1) Semester (2)

    BA118 ChemistryNone
    BA114 Physics 2BA113 Physics 1
    BA124 Mathematics 2BA123 Mathematics 1
    BA142 Engineering Mechanics 2BA141 Engineering Mechanics 1
    CC112 Structured ProgrammingCC111 Introduction to computer
    IM112 Manufacturing TechnologyNone
    LH132 English for Special Purposes 2LH131 English for Special Purposes 1

  3. Year (2) Semester (1)

    CC213 Programming ApplicationsCC112 Structured Programming
    BA223 Mathematics 3BA124 Mathematics 2
    LH231 Technical Report WritingLH132 English for Special Purposes 2
    EE231 Electrical Circuits 1BA124 Mathematics 2
    ME274 Material ScienceBA114 Physics 2 & BA142 Engineering Mechanics 2
    CC216 Digital Logic DesignCC111 Introduction to Computers

  4. Year (2) Semester (2)

    EE331 Electric & Magnetic Fields 1EE231 Electrical Circuits 1 & BA223 Mathematics 3 
    NE264 Scientific ThinkingNone
    EE211 Electrical Meas & Instrumentation 1EE231 Electrical Circuits 1
    BA224 Mathematics 4BA223 Mathematics 3
    EE232 Electrical Circuits 2EE231 Electrical Circuits 1
    EC238 Electronics iEE231 Electrical Circuits 1

  5. Year (3) Semester (1)

    EE321 Electrical Machines 1EE232 Electrical Circuits 2
    EE312 Electrical Meas & Instrumentation 2EE211 Electrical Meas & Instrumentation 1
    BA323 Mathematics 5BA224 Mathematics 4
    EE332 Network AnalysisEE232 Electrical Circuits 2
    EC339 Electronics iiEC238 Electronics i
    EE341 Introduction to Power EngineeringEE232 Electrical Circuits 2

  6. Year (3) Semester (2)

    BA327 Statistics & Numerical MethodsNone
    EE333 Electric & Magnetic Fields 2EE331 Electric & Magnetic Fields 1
    EE342 Power System 1EE341 Introduction to Power Engineering
    EE311 Fundamentals of Control EngBA224 Mathematics 4
    EE421 Power Electronics 1EC339 Electronics 2
    EE322 Electrical Machines 2EE321 Electrical Machines 1

  7. Year (4) Semester (1)

    ME234 ThermofluidsNone
    EE441 Power System 2EE342 Power System 1
    EE423 Power Electronics 2EE421 Power Electronics 1
    EE411 Control System 1EE311 Fundamentals of Control Eng
    EE422 Electrical Machines 3EE322 Electrical Machines 2
    CC411 Microprocessor

    CC216 Digital Logic Design & EE211 Electrical Meas & Instrumentation 1

  8. Year (4) Semester (2)

    NE364 Engineering Economy 54 credit hr.
    IM400 Practical Training
    EE412 Control System 2 EE411 Control System 1
    EE413 Microprocessor Based Process ControlCC411 Microprocessors
    ME520 Thermal Plant EngineeringME234 Thermofluids
    EE442 Power System Protection 1EE441 Power System 2
    EE424 Electrical Drives 1

    EE422 Electrical Machines 3 & EE423 Power Electronics 2

    NE465 Aesthetic edu & art AppreciationNone

  9. Year (5)

    Semester 9Semester 10
    EE501 Senior Project 1EE503 Senior Project 2

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group A

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group A/B

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group A

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group A/B

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group B

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group A/B

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group B

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group C

    EE XXX Department Restricted Elective Group C


    Department Restricted Eectives
    Group A
    EE511 Discrete Control SystemsEE412 Control System 2
    EE512 Automated Industrial Systems 1EE411 Control System 1
    EE514 RoboticsEE412 Control System 2 & CC411 Microprocessors
    EE513 Control Appl. in Power EngEE412 Control System 2
    EE515 Computer Control of Dyn. SystemsEE411 Control System 1
    EE519 Industrial Communication NetworksEE512 Automated Industrial Systems 1
    EE517 Optimal & Adaptive ControlEE412 Control System 2
    EE516 Modern Control SystemsEE412 Control System 2
    EE518 Automated Industrial Systems 2EE412 Control System 2

    Group B
    EE521 Special Elec. MachinesEE422 Electrical Machines 3
    EE522 Electrical Drives 2EE424 Electrical Drives 1
    EE523 Fundamental of Renewable EnergyEE424 Electrical Drives 1
    EE541 Power System Protection 2EE442 Power System Protection 1
    EE542 Electrical Power StationsEE442 Power System Protection 1
    EE543 Electrical Power DistributionEE441 Power System 2
    EE544 Power System 3EE441 Power System 2
    EE545 High Voltage EngineeringEE441 Power System 2
    EE546 Electrical Eng.MaterialsEE442 Power System Protection 1
    EE547 Utilization of Electrical Energy EE441 Power System 2
    EE548 Elect.sys.for Comme.InstalEE442 Power System Protection 1

    Group C
    IM423 Operation Research90 Cr Hrs
    IM535 Internation Operation Management126 Cr Hrs
    NE465 Aesthetic edu & art AppreciationNone