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Sept. 2014 - June 2015 Graduation Projects

Detailed Project Descriptions: Fall2014-Abstracts.pdf

Please fill the following form for ALL projects:EC_Project_Application_Form_Fall_2014.doc

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Individual Projects

1Design and implementation of a Multi task control using Neural SensorsDr. Hazem Hassan
2Design and Simulation of Routing Protocols in Mobile ad hoc NetworksDr. Hussein El-Attar
3A Compact Ultra Wide Band Filter for Wireless ApplicationsDr. Mohamad Hassan / Dr.Mahmoud Abdallah

Projects for Combined End Product :

Smart Autonomous Car

4Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar for Smart Autonomous CarDr. Mohamad Abul-Dahab
5Control Unit and System Integration for Smart Autonomous Car Dr. Amr Bayoumi
6Solar Cell Power System  for Smart Autonomous CarDr. Amr Bayoumi
7Unmanned Waypoint Navigation and Control for Smart Autonomous CarDr. Bassem Sheta / Dr. Mohamad El-Mahallawy

Landmine Detection Car

 Dr. Mohamad Hassan