Fall 2015/2016

****Final Project-1 Timetable Project1 Final Timetable.pdf (updated on 17/1/2016)


 **** Final Project-1 Groups: Tanseek Results


*  The Deadline for sending the project form  to:  projects.ec.aast@gmail.com is extended to 15/9/2015


September 2015-2016 Graduation Projects:

      Project List:
    Project ID #                                       Project NameSupervisors
    1Millimeter-Wave (MMW) Automotive RadarProf.  Mohamed Aboul-Dahab
    2WiMAX SystemProf.  Mohamed Aboul-Dahab
    3Architecture Design and FPGA Implementation of LDPC for DVB applications

    Prof.  Khaled Shehata

    Dr. Safa Gasser

    4VLSI Test CircuitsAssoc. Prof. Amr Bayoumi
    5Vision Based Real Time Objects Detection and Tracking Dr. Bassem Sheta
    6Handheld Navigation System and data logger with GSMDr. Ahmed Mohsen
    7Design and Simulation of Routing Protocols   in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)Dr. Hussein El Attar
    8Design, simulation and Performance Analysis of Voice over IP (VoIP) NetworksDr. Hussein El Attar
    9Design and Implementation of Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm on FPGA

    Assoc. Prof. Hanady Hussein Issa

     Dr. Saleh Eisa

    10FPGA Design and Implementation of DNA-based encryption algorithm

    Assoc. Prof. Hanady Hussein Issa,

     Dr. Saleh Eisa
    11Eye Controlled Wheel chair for HandicappedProf. Hazem Hassan
    12Wireless Detector for submersed plantsProf. Hazem H. Ali
    13Car Anti-Theft System (CATS)Prof. Hesham El Badawy
    14Mobile/Vehicle Direction Finder (MDF/VDF)Prof. Hesham El Badawy
    15A Compact ultra wide band Filter with Notching for Wireless Applications

    Prof. Mohamed Hassan,

    Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud A. Abdalla
    16Planar Multi Band Metamaterial Antennas for WLAN ApplicationsAssoc. Prof. Mahmoud A. Abdalla
    17Compact Power Splitter/Combiner for Wireless Communications

    Prof. Mohamed Hassan

    Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud A Abdalla
    18Design and Measurements of Frequency Selective Surfaces Structures used for Telecommunication Systems Prof. Mohamed Hassan
    19Deployment Scenarios for Cognitive Radio in 5G NetworksAssoc. Prof. Mohsen M. Tanatwy
    20Code Synchronization in Spread Spectrum Communication SystemsProf. Salah Sayed Elagooz
    21Waypoint Navigation and Control of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with Obstacle Avoidance Capability

    Assoc. Prof. Mohamed ElMahallawy

    Dr. Bassem Sheta
    22Smart Home System

    Assoc. Prof. Mohamed ElMahallawy

    Dr. Mostafa Fedawy

    23Carbon Nanotube Transistors (CNT): Physics, Modeling,  and Applications

    Dr. Mostafa Fedawy

    24Crowd sensing for traffic irregularities based on human mobility and social media Dr. Safa Gasser
    25Simulation and hardware implementation of 5G mobile communication system

    Prof.  Khaled Shehata

    Dr. Safa Gasser