Graduate Programs

The Department of Computer Engineering is part of the College of Engineering and Technology, at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. It offers a graduate program of study for men and women who will engage in the professional practice of computer engineering as it relates to design, development, research, other engineering functions, and teaching in industry, government, or a university. In this specialization, students learn to:

  • Design special and general-purpose processors
  • Design digital systems
  • Design communications protocols for the Internet
  • Write computer programs for various applications
  • Design systems for data acquisition
  • Design Micro-controller-based applications

    The responsibilities of the graduate of the computer engineering program encompass:

    • Specifying the most suitable computer equipment for a certain function
    • Offering opinion and consultation in the field, supervising computer installations and operations, planning their sites and environment
    • Designing and implementation of software packages in data communication and other applications
    • Designing and implementing special purpose processors and interface cards

    The major consulting activities of the department include feasibility studies, analysis, design and specifications of Information Systems


    • Design and Implementation of Interface cards
    • Special-purpose processor design and implementation using FPGA and ASIC
    • Realization of embedded systems used in control applications
    • Data Acquisition Systems
    • Computer-based digital control and Robotics
    • Computer-based security systems


    • Analysis, design and implementation of Data Base systems
    • Intelligent Systems analysis and design
    • Applications of Artificial Neural Networks
    • Analysis and design of Local Area Networks
    • Internet-based applications and web programming
    • Micro-controller programming
    • Digital signal processing
    • Data Communication Security


    Master`s degree offered by the computer engineering department is:


    In order to earn the Master of Science degree, the student must achieve 24 credit hours of coursework and a thesis equivalent to 12 credit hours.
    The coursework requires a total of eight 700-level subjects: 4 core subjects and any 4 subjects from the elective group.

    Graduate Programs

    • Master of Science
    • Master in Computer Engineering