Graduation Projects Database

The AASTMT Construction and Building Engineering students are required to complete an industry-standard project prior to their graduation. Graduation projects are carefully chosen by the department to adopt market trends and needs. Upon completion of a graduation project, the student(s) would have a quality simulation of real life practice. AASTMT Construction and Building Engineering graduates are ready for the market challenges from the first day of their career. The following lists the graduation projects completed by our undergraduate students within last semester June 2016.

June 2016

  • Design of Coastal Structures
    Supervised By: Dr. Yasser Sadek El Saie
    Abstract:The main aim of  project is to know how to make planning of the Harbour (at Alam Elroom) in Mersa Matrouh with many varieties of design for the : Wind Rose , Wave Refraction, Breakwaters, , Quay walls, Berths , Navigation Channel, slipway, design of Sheds and several ways of dredging, water pipeline, electricity and drainage pipes.
  • Environmental Engineering  Project
    Supervised By: Dr. Akram Soltan & Dr. Ola El Monayeri
    Abstract: The main aim of this project is to provide participants with an understanding and practical experience of the wide ranging contextual, conceptual and thematic issues involved in environmental issues and practice of sustainable development throughout the world. The Green Building is the heart of this work which is considered one of the most important elements for sustainable development. It’s represented through simple summary of three codes (LEED, BREEAM, GPRS) besides, it’s compared between them to know different points. Finally, there’s case study to reflect points of three codes on it.
  • Geotechnical Engineering  Project
    Supervised By: Dr. Adel Belal, Dr. Sameh Abo El Seoud & Dr. Mahmoud El Meligy
    Abstract:The project provides the students with professional experience on how to design different types of shallow and deep foundations and retained structures. Students should apply the knowledge they accumulated over their undergraduate studies. They shall be implementing  their design such that it abides to the Egyptian Code in addition to other international references to assure a safe design. They are expected to apply some of the knowledge they attained concerning construction management and cost analyses. They are equally expected to provide detailed plans and shopdrawings for construction. In addition, students should apply a report of one of the following topics:
    1. Earth reinforcement.
    2. Earth retained structures.
    3. Problematic soil.
    4. Water dewatering.
    5. Soil Stabilization.
  • Highway Engineering Project
    Supervised By: Dr. Abdel Zaher Ezz, Dr. Ahmed El Desouky & Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ghani
    Abstract: The main aim of the project is to have enough training on actual examples extracted from running project to simulate the market requirements and latest technology. Project is either inner roads network or highway with grade separation intersections.   During the solving of this real example, continuous learning of how to deal with different design aspects of highway topics of which horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, at grade intersections, interchanges, roundabouts, parking design, structure design, soil properties, and asphalt layers’ thickness design. Latest worldwide programs should be used such as Civil 3D, AutoCAD and Auto turn programs. In addition to above mentioned tasks, the roads construction and quality control are important goals for academy to learn student actual market experience. In the light of above site visit to one of the most important running projects should be done in addition to site laboratory tests, method of testing and sampling for different construction materials with quality control on executed works. All requirements should be reflected in the student’s reports and final submittal. This year we expanded the project to include some services to surrounding community by solving the dangerous intersections surrounding academy.