Registration Regulations

Dear Student,

This message provides all CB students with brief information concerning their registration for the Fall semester (2018-2019).

  • Registration will start September 2nd and Teaching starts September 15th.
  • Registration through academic advisor for students with overall GPA < 2.4 or the last semester GPA < 2 or cumulative credit hours < 36.
  • Payment of fees during valid duration of invoice (120 hours) or the registration will be cancelled.
  • Students are fully responsible for their registration and it’s advisable to print and save a copy of the Invoice (Hafza), the schedule and the permanent guidance card.
  • The student is responsible for late payment and consequent cancelation of registration and the department will not be held liable for that.
  • If you have problem with registration or having any question, please contact your academic advisor directly by e-mail.
  • Absence counts from the first week with no consideration for date of registration.
  • Any student reaches an absence of 10% will receive a warning and withdrawal the course when reaching 15%.
  • There is no registration in the summer semester for any of the design courses unless the student grade is F.
  • Numerical analysis course should be registered in construction classes only.
  • Always check the department website on the internet:

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