Markets & Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Construction Engineering degree program design and manage construction processes that create living and working environments such as office buildings, industrial buildings, airports, housing, roads, bridges, utilities, and dams. Graduates fill positions in construction companies, engineering consulting firms, government agencies, and large construction corporations.  The positions usually involve the planning, design, and management of the construction process for a general, specialty, or mechanical contractor, or the coordination, inspection, and management of design, contracts, or facilities for a business, industry or government owner.

When you ask top managers in construction and engineering firms why they selected this career, you can hear the excitement of the construction industry in their responses. Some say they like to conceive an idea and then engineer and manage it through to reality. Others say that they like the combination of computerized planning, process design, cost engineering, and scheduling with the gratification of seeing a job well done. Graduates of this degree program enjoy a wide range of opportunities to apply their technical knowledge with tremendous variety in the day-to-day work. Some choose design, planning, or financial management positions working in an office environment, while others prefer to direct field operations or some combination of the above.