The objectives of the Department of Construction and Building Engineering are:

·         Providing the construction and building communities with high quality construction engineers through a strong flexible academic program strengthened with hands-on experience, training, and research opportunities.

·         Continuously reviewing and updating the programs of studies to maintain the high level of education required by our students.

·         Establishing strong relationship with the construction and building industry and community through continuous collaboration in terms of research, graduate studies, and training.

·         Attracting full-time faculty members that are of high calibre and are of different specializations.


Program aim

Graduates of the construction and building engineering program are expected to be able to:

·       Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering concepts to the solution of engineering problems.

·       Design a system component and process to meet the required needs within realistic constraints.

·       Design and conduct experiments as well as analyse and interpret data.

·       Identify, formulate and solve fundamental engineering problems.

·       Use the techniques, skills, and appropriate engineering tools, necessary for engineering practice and project management.

·       Work effectively within multi-disciplinary teams.

·       Communicate effectively.

·       Consider the impacts of engineering solutions on society & environment.

·       Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary engineering issues.

·       Display professional and ethical responsibilities and contextual understanding

·       Engage in self- and life- long learning.

·       Apply analytical, experimental, design and management techniques with proficiency aided by modern tools.

·       Understand global, ethical, and social implications of the profession in regard to public safety and sustainability issues.

·       Acquire and utilize personal, communication, and leadership skills and be able to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.

·       Pursue distinguished employment as well as lifelong learning.