Registration Rules

Dear Student,

2nd Semester 2016/2017

This message provides all CB students with brief information concerning their registration for the Spring semester (2016/2017) Registration starts at 4th of Feb. and Teaching starts at 11th of Feb. .

  • Registration will be available online for students with GPA > 2.4, the rate of the last semester > 2 and with Cumulative Credit Hours ≥ 36.
  • Registration through academic advisor for students with GPA < 2.4 or the rate of the last semester < 2 (by e-mail only)
  • Only students with GPA < 2 head to the Head of Department room, accompanied by parents.
  • Payment of fees during valid duration of invoice (120 hours) or the registration will be cancelled.
  • The students are fully responsible for their registration and it’s advisable to print and save a copy of the Invoice (Hafza), the schedule and permanent guidance card.
  • The student is responsible for late payment and consequent cancelation of registration and the department will not be held liable for that.
  • If you have problem with registration, please contact your academic advisor.
  • For students who are registering for themselves for the first time, please check the link below for guidance:
  • The absence counts from first week with no consideration for date of registration.
  • Any student reaches an absence of 15% will receive a warning and withdrawal the course when reaching 20%.

All needed files can be downloaded below:

To Download bank list CLICK HERE

To Download CB Timetables 2nd Semester: CB Schedules.pdf

Wishing you all an efficient and smooth registration and best luck.

Best Luck…

The registration committee

Last updated 24-01-2017