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Scopuss Journals

NO.Journal TitleISSNPublisher
1Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies0968-090XElsevier
2Transportation Science0041-1655Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
3Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review1366-5545Elsevier
4Transportation Research, Part D: Transport and Environment1361-9209Elsevier
5Transport Reviews 0144-1647 Taylor & Francis
6Transportation Research, Part A: Policy and Practice 0965-8564Elsevier
7Transport Policy 0967-070XElsevier
8Maritime Policy and Management 0308-8839Taylor & Francis
9Research in Transportation Business and Management2210-5395Elsevier
10International Journal of Logistics Management 0957-4093Emerald
11Economics of Transportation 2212-0122Elsevier
12International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 1556-8318Taylor & Francis
13European Transport Research Review 1867-0717Springer Nature
14Case Studies on Transport Policy2213-624XElsevier
15Journal of Transport Economics and Policy0022-5258University of Bath
16Research in Transportation Economics 0739-8859Elsevier
17Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics 2092-5212Elsevier
18WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs 1651-436XSpringer Nature
19Journal of Transportation Safety and Security 1943-9962Taylor & Francis
20European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research 1567-7141Technische Universiteit Delft/Delft University of Technology
21International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics1756-6517Inderscience
22Maritime Affairs1946-6609Taylor & Francis
23International journal of maritime history0843-8714SAGE
24Journal for Maritime Research2153-3369Taylor & Francis
25Advances in Transportation Studies 1824-5463Aracne Editrice
26International Journal of Transport Economics0391-8440Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internationally
27Journal of Transportation Security1938-7741Springer Nature
28Transport Problems1896-0596The Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport
29Open Transportation Journal1874-4478Bentham
30Transport and Sustainability2044-9941Emerald
31Transportation Planning and Technology0308-1060Taylor & Francis
32Transportation Journal0041-1612American Society of Transportation and Logistics
33Marine Policy0308-597XElsevier
34International Journal of e-Navigation and Maritime Economy2405-5352Elsevier
35Maritime Studies872-7859Springer
36Northern Mariner1183-112XCanadian Nautical Research Society
37Transactions on Maritime Science1848–3305 Faculty of Maritime Studies ~ University of Split
38Journal of Marine Science and Engineering2077-1312MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland
39Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 2070-8998 ANAME Publication
40Journal of Marine Science and Application 1993-5048Chinese Society of Naval
41Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering2159-5887Shipping and Ocean Engineering

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