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The Maritime Transport Technology Department aims at preparing its graduates for the contemporary challenges faced by the transport sector. As such, it enables the people involved in the transport sector to upgrade their technical knowledge and abilities through special courses, combined with general management training.  It Qualifies the students to obtain B.Sc.Tec. Degree in Maritime Transport (Nautical Technology, Offshore Operations Technology, Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection, Shipping and Port Operations), to work in the various fields of Maritime Transport and Management, e.g., Marine Inspectors, Maritime Experts, Oil Pollution Control Specialists, Container & Multipurpose Terminal Managers & Operators, Port Planners and Administrators, Port Traffic Officers, Port Pilots, Marine Experts and Consultants, Cargo Inspectors and Draft Surveyors.

B.Sc. In Maritime Transport (Nautical Technology)
Nautical Sciences cadets are trained seafarers capable of using technological and navigational equipment on a wide range of ships. The aim of this program is to enable cadets to be well educated and trained based on seamanship and traditional maritime skills in areas such as officer of the watch training, marine communications and navigation, rescue, safety and environmental response, security threat response and vigilance and safe carriage of goods. However, There is a growing need for competent and educated leaders, both onboard ships and in onshore organizations. With this B.Sc. program in Nautical Technology, students will get the opportunity to be trained to get an important role as future leaders who can guide the shipping industry into a new era faced with demands for effective maritime transport solution and strict quality demands.

B.Sc. In Maritime Transport (Offshore Operations Technology)
The global offshore oil and gas industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. Offshore vessels are designed to perform a wide range of tasks associated with the offshore explorations and exploitation of oil and gas. They are the main means of transportation to carry equipment, goods and personnel to offshore platforms that operate deep in oceans.

In this context, the aim of this program is to supply the oil and gas maritime industry with officers who have the qualified knowledge required for enhancing  the offshore industry and are capable of carrying out special types of offshore industry jobs by managing, handling, maintaining and supervising special types of vessels that are designed for offshore industry

B.Sc. In Maritime Transport (Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection)
This stream has been designed for students who will serve in public or private maritime organizations as advisers in maritime safety, occupational health and security as well as marine environmental and management principles issues. This course provides comprehensive understanding of maritime administration issues and expertise in essential management tools required by such senior maritime personnel to implement safety, security and environmental protection standards in maritime administrations or shipping companies.

B.Sc. In Maritime Transport (Shipping and Port Operations)
This stream aims at equipping students for a variety of maritime business careers, giving a special advantage to those wishing to enter the Shipping and port business. To this end, it offers a balanced educational program in accordance with the general philosophy of the 21st century, and the dynamic fields of shipping and port business. Students are given a general but solid introduction into the exciting world of shipping and sea ports. Students are faced with the problems of the maritime industry while, at the same time, the endless opportunities for solutions. World shipping and its developments are tackled and comparative studies of different countries are conducted.

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