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Maritime Management Courses


1.   Application of International Safety Management "Code".

2.   Maritime Resource Management on ship and terminals.

3.   Container Terminals Operations & Management Systems.

4.   Port Management and Operation.

5.   Port performance Indicators Analysis and Competitiveness Level Evaluation

6.   Container Terminal Development Plan.

7.   Container Freight Station Operations.

8.   Ports and Terminal Management.

9.   Quality Assurance Management.

10.    Multimodal Transport Management.

11.    Supply Chain Management.

12.    Information Technology & E- commerce.

13.    Shipping Management.

14.    Management Skills and Leader ship.

15.    Maritime Crisis & Contingency Plans.

16.    Port Management course short & long course.

17.    Principles of container Terminal operation.

18.    Container terminal Development.

19.    Container Freight Station operation.

20.    Container Terminal operation & technical Management.

21.    Port performance indicator Analysis.

22.    Performance Analysis for ports and competitiveness.

23.    Introduction of port operation.

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