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Special Courses Program

Operational Navigation

Overall Course Objectives
On completion of this Course trainees should be highly competent to handle various Navigational tasks related to chart work and position fixing.

Knowledge and Understanding
At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Understand the effect of wind and current on ship’s position.
• distinguish between course to steer and heading, course line. Leeway track  and course made good.

Course content
• Practices on dead Reckoning, Methods of fixing
• Wind effect and Sea Position (S.P)
• Practices on wind effect and sea position (S.P)
• Counteracting wind effect
• Practices on counteracting wind effect
• Current effect and Estimated Position (E.P)
• Practices on current effect and estimated position (E.P)
• Counteracting current effect
• Practices on counteracting current effect
• Wind and current combined effect on ship's position
• Applications on wind and current combined effect on ship's position
• Running fix
• Applications on running fix cases
• Actual current
• Practices on actual current

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