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Engineering Courses


1.    Maintenance of pumps and trouble.

2.    Marine pollution prevention and sewage treatment.

3.    Propulsion systems: Maintenance and trouble shooting.

4.    Maintenance and Repair of Diesel Engines.

5.    Performance Evaluation and safety Requirement for Marine Diesel Engines.

6.    Marine Diesel Engine Fuel Injection System: Maintenance and Adjustment.

7.    SOLAS: Familiarization and Implementation in Engine Room.

8.    Classification Societies and Engine Room Surveying.

9.    ISM Code Requirement for Engine Room.

10. Role of Engineers in Responding to PSC, ISM and STCW.

11. Maintenance and Operation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment.

12. Metal Cutting and welding.

13. Maintenance of Electrical Equipment on Board Ships

14. Machinery Surveying

15. Applied Maintenance Management

16. Ship new Construction "Equipment" Training

17. New ship Construction Training. 

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