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Special Courses Program

Coastal Navigation

Overall Course Objectives
On Completion of the course, students should satisfactory understand the basic principles of Navigation, familiar with the nautical charts and it’s symbols and capable of plotting co-ordinates, courses, bearings and distance (POSITION) on the charts. 

Knowledge and Understanding
At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Realize the importance of NAVIGATION, Understand its terminologies and their usage.
• Understand and determinate the meanings of earth''s directions and earth''s coordinates (latitude and longitude).
• Describe the types of compasses and understand their uses.
• Classify types of chart projections.
• Define position lines and understand the methods to determine ship’s position.

Course content
• Introduction to Navigation and the earth''s true shape.
• Navigation Definitions
• Units of measurement
• Practices on the and d.long calculations.
• Marine Compasses and Directions on the earth’s surface
• Marine Compasses and Directions on the earth’s surface
• Applications on Marine compasses error and relative bearings.
• Chart Projection (Mercator Charts)
• Nautical paper charts & chart 5011 (Symbols and Abbreviations)
• Plotting and measuring Co-ordinates on the chart
• Plotting and measuring Courses and Distance on the chart
• Applications on plotting on the charts
• Position lines – straight, relative, circular
• Applications on straight and relative position lines
• Applications on circular position lines
• Methods of fixing
• Applications on Method of fixing

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