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Tanker/Terminal Courses



1.        Petroleum Characteristics – Measurement and bunking Management.

2.        Emergency Procedures in Oil Terminals.

3.        Safe Operating on Petroleum and Liquefied Gas Terminal’s / Tankers.

4.       Combined Advanced Oil and Chemical Tanker Safe Operation. 

5.       Oil Tanker Charting.

6.       Crude Oil Calculation and Survey Quality.

7.       Cargo Tank Gas Freeing.

8.       Vetting Inspections Marine Oil Tanker/ Terminals.

9.       Petroleum Tanker/ Terminal Safety Requirements and Standards.

10.    Liquid Bulk Cargo Vessels Information.

11.    Liquid Terminal Management Program.

12.    Oil Terminal Management & Regulation.

13.    Handling of Cargo Hose/arm course.

14.    Operator Training for oil & gas Processing Facilities.

15.    Oil / Gas Terminal safety Management.

16.    Cargo Handling Room Simulator.


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