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Special Courses Program

Seamanship For Pilots

Overall Course Objectives
This course covers the requirements of the above STCW convention Chapter II, Section A-II/I. these functional elements provide the detailed knowledge to support the training outcomes related to watch keeping at the operational level.
This Course Provide The Background Knowledge To Support.
1. Docking& undocking.
2. Damage control.
3. Operation of Life Saving Appliances.
4. Beaching a ship and refloating.
5. Prevention, Control & Fighting Fire on Board.

Knowledge and Understanding
At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Know the types of docks.
• Understand the Personal life saving appliances.
• Recognize causes of “ Hypothermia”
• Understand the types of survival crafts

Course content
• Introduction& Types of docks, Preparations, Using of tugs, Using of lines while entering, Docking and Un-Docking.
• Personal life saving appliances(life buoy- life jacket) Personal life saving appliances( immersion suit -  TPA)
• Capsules
• Theory, reasons & Classification of Fire, Portable fire -extinguishers.
• Firefighting Fixed systems, Main Fire System,   Sprinkling system and Fire Detectors.
• Beaching a Ship (Stranding), Reasons, Securing the ship, Repairing, and using of tugs for towing.                                                               
• Damage control, Fire fighting with the help of tugs, emergency stopping of Leaks, use of concrete and use of compressed air.
• Survival Crafts, Capsules(Size, Contents, Drills, Check-List, Lowering, Maneuvering and Securing)
• Life Raft, Un-belt, Throw over board, Inflate and Boarding. - Contents of life raft.

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