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Offshore Basic Knowledge (General)



This course is designed to provide a initial basic information about nature of supply vessels jobs and duties.


      After Complete the course, the new staff will gain the required skills and informations, which let them has a capability to join to that job, with understanding the main knowledge for that field and standards working safely.


  • Types of Supply Vessels.
  • Rigs and platforms. 
  • Description of service to rigs and platforms.
  • Characteristics of jobs in supply vessels and similar floating objects.
  • Duties on board.
  • Safety system of work.
  • Initial information about towing and search and rescue.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Environment protection. 
  • Personal safety during operation.
  • Brief of passing through channels, narrow and shallow water.
  • Boat handling.
  • Boat maintenance.
  • Communication.
  • Received orders and replaying.
  • Boat's engine and machinery.
  • Basic Knowledgement of supply vessels operation.
  • Knowledgement of rules and regulations.
  • Weather, Tide, Current, Waves and Wind effects.
  • Mooring and UN mooring operation.
  • Log book, oil record books and how to fill items.
  • Brief Knowledgement of chart work and costal position.

Who Should Attend?

         New members wish to join to field of supply vessels, Staff officers and engineers.


        10 days "two weeks"

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