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Offshore Support Vessels Guides, Construction and operation Course


The aim is create and prepare a qualified staff can covers the offshore industry "Deck & Engine" and in particular, the offshore supply vessels, tugs and boat service.


The Participants will understand:

  •  Specific tasks of OSVs.
  •  Panoramic navigation bridge visibility.
  •  Art propulsion and automation systems.
  • Specialized multipurpose designs carry out maintenance and repair on platforms subsea pipeline and equipment.
  • Vessels designed for inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Heavy lift creans and help desks.
  •  Operation in harsh environments.
  •  Design Capabilities.


  1.Types of offshore supply vessels.

  2.Guide for building and classing OSVs

     2.1  Optional class notations.

     2.2   Systems and machinery.

  3.Guides of OSVs

     3.1  Propulsion and maneuvering machinery.

     3.2  Deck and other machinery piping

     3.3  Electrical, control and automation

     3.4  Service –specific requirements.

  4.Structural requirement.

  5.Machinery requirements.

     5.1  Pumping, piping and ventilation

     5.2  Electrical, Control and automation.

  6.Stability information


      7.1  SOLAS

      7.2  MARPOL

      7.3  Landline

      7.4  Tonnage

      7.5  International Bulk Chemical code

      7.6  International Gas Code

  8.      Human Factors and ergonomics.

  9.      Communications

  10.  Positive impact on safety.

  11.  Positive impact on the productivity.

  12.  Dry docking.

  13.  Maintenance plan.

Who Should Attend?

     Engineers and ship-owners technical personnel with a responsibility for the design and new construction of offshore supply vessels.


     10 days "two weeks"

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