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Special Courses Program

Contemporary environmental Issues in Port and Shipping Industries

To identify the contemporary issues for ports and shipping in the field of the environment.

• To discuss how the sectors are performing in terms of environmental protection and management. To analyse environmental protection standards and requirements, and to present how port and shipping operators are implementing them.
• To examine cases of best practice in the monitoring and control of port activities and air pollution from ships.
• To provide economic explanations for maritime environmental regulations and to discuss the market instruments for the control of ship-originated pollution.
• To examine energy management on board vessels and noise aspects in ports.

1. Contemporary environmental issues in port & shipping industries and Air quality in port (Port emissions)
• Elements to consider in port management most common issues in port environmental management schematic diagram on container terminal operation major source of air pollution in a port/terminal the adverse health effects of international shipping on residents of coastal port communities 5 major source categories for NOx, SOx and particulate matter (PM) emissions criteria air contaminants and related pollutants options to comply with the new MARPOL Annex VI Regulations on-going debates and local alternative measures at port level Issues in port air pollution improving air quality through effective strategies

2. Environmental management of port and chain operations
• The Environmental Challenge – Reasons to act
• Environmental Management Systems for ports and Chain
• Application of EcoPorts Tools and Methodology – for port and sector
• Monitoring and Reporting

3. Noise, Energy management and Impact of climate changes on port infrastructures
• The noise impact on human health
• IMO noise code for ships and underwater noise
• Noise mapping at ports
• Energy management principles in the maritime industry
• Energy audit and energy management plan for ports
• Climate change impact on port infrastructure and adaptation options
4. Waste management in port: environmental aspects of ports and waste management
• Introduction of the subject Short history of the Port of Malmö What is Waste? Waste Management Hierarchy Treatment Techniques CMP – how do they work with waste? Collaborative environment. initiatives rules of conduct, projects Waste: Economics Air Emissions Noise Cruise ships EC-directive on waste Swedish & Baltic regulations Summary - Reflections

5. Economics of environmental protection
• What is the situation?
• What are the top-3 problems that need to be solved in order to reduce the negative impacts from shipping activities? - improve technology consider that the value of environmental assets in is not solely related to its direct-use (consumption) recognize that the solution is collective.
• What are some solution strategies? - Technological measures operational measures market-based measures.


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