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Special Courses Program

Fundamentals of Port Management

To provide fundamental knowledge in port management and comprehensive understanding of port management, including the role and significance of ports in maritime transport.

• To offer comprehensive understanding of the importance of ports to the national/regional economy, ownership and other contemporary issues.
• To exchange views with industry practitioners in seminar format, providing the opportunity to apply the concepts and principles that govern the maritime world to specific real-world scenarios where a broad understanding of marine activities is needed to identify the solution to interdisciplinary problems

Fundamentals of port management
• Elements to consider in modern port management
• Global terminal operator(s)
• The evolution of container terminal and its equipment
• Port economic impact study (PEIS)
• Port Management Basics: Public goods and public services in ports and port operations
• Port governance models - Port reform tools - Port concessions with case studies
• Port planning - Public port financing in Europe
• Development of logistic zones in ports - Port pricing and charging


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