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Anchor Handling (Advanced Course)


          The course is designed to develop and improve the participants skills to deal with the job safely and confidently and deliver the correct operation.


           The participants will understand how to prepare for the operation, check the machinery and equipment, communications, handling of pendant wire and docking anchor and raise the level of working on supply vessels Anchor handling and towing.


  • Preparation of anchor handling operation
  • Checks of machinery and equipment to be used
  •  Loading and stowage of equipment
  • Radio communications between the deck and the bridge
  • Rig movement 
  • Equipment being transferred to the rig
  •  Personal protective equipment
  • Safety on deck & safe areas
  • Taking the pendant wire from the rig
  •  Connecting the work wire to the pendant wire
  •  Docking anchors
  • Chain being recovered to the ship's chain lockers
  • Use of buoys to run anchor cables over sub-sea structures and pipelines
  •  Lowering anchor in '' position
  • Introduction to naval architecture
  • Structural design processes and tools
  • Construction plans and execution
  • Project management lessons learned.
  • Life – cycle and decommissioning considerations
  • Anchor handling communication
  • Stability during Anchor handling operation

Who Should Attend?

          Masters, deck officers and engineers


         10 days

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