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Offshore Installation Manager Course (OIM)


       The course is conducted in accordance to the requirements of sec. 6.2 of IMO Res.A.891 (21) to raise the level of skills during emergencies and is seeking refinement in their emergency leadership role and validation assessment of their skills in this area.


       The purpose of this course is to enable prospective and present candidates for the position of OIM or deputy to implement and practice the procedures required to manage emergencies that may be encountered with an offshore platform and drill rig and they will understand and gain the management plan and vision.


  •  Rig orientation 
  • Stability and construction 
  • Station-keeping, mooring and dynamic positioning 
  • Transit operations 
  • Emergency procedures and safety equipment 
  • Personnel transfers 
  • Handling and stowage of supplies, including dangerous goods 
  • Pollution prevention and control 
  •  Meteorology-severe weather 
  • Safe working practices 
  • Regulatory and certification requirements 
  •  Industrial operations as they relate to maritime safety, including appreciation of their interrelationship between marine operations and specific industrial activities 
  • Helideck Communication

Who Should Attend?

       Company owners and managers, masters and chief engineers


       4 Days

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