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Fundamentals of Offshore Systems Design and Construction Course


         The course is designed to accelerate capability of participants to contribute on offshore field development planning, design and construction projects and field operation


           The course will provide a fundamental understanding of the technology and work processes used for the design and construction of all types of offshore systems asset development, supervision and management. The content includes the full range of water depths from shallow water to ultra deepwater and will also address life-cycle considerations in all phases of offshore field development and operation. All major components required for offshore development such as fixed and floating platforms, drilling rigs, and work over equipment, pipelines, risers, process, utilities and construction equipment


  • Offshore systems overview and field architecture ion
  •  Well construction and servicing equipment and operation
  •  Flow assurance
  • Topside facilities
  • Oil and gas transportation facilities
  •  Riser systems
  • Subsea systems
  •  Production operations
  •  Infrastructure impact on design and operations
  •   Effect of the ocean environment
  • Introduction to naval architecture
  •  Structural design processes and tools
  •   Construction plans and execution
  • Project management lessons learned
  •  Life-cycle and decommissioning considerations

Who Should Attend?

          Candidates who require basic awareness or experience in offshore engineering constructions. Technical staff, project engineers, engineering discipline, engineering specialists and operating staff in offshore field development planning, design and construction projects and field operation.


         10 Days


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