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Special Courses Program

Maritime Commercial Law

To impart a clear understanding of maritime commercial law, including carriage of goods by sea under charter parties and bills of lading, and international trade law.

• Understand the legal and regulatory framework of Commercial Maritime law

1. International trade as a prerequisite for international shipping
2. ICC and the INCOTERMS
3. The choice of appropriate INCOTERMS and the division of risk and cost
4. Documentary credits for facilitating international trade
5. The ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
6. The functions of a Bill of Lading
7. The problem of clean B/Ls in connection to the payment for goods
8. Implied undertakings in a B/L and the concept and scope of seaworthiness
9. The Carrier’s liability for loss of or damage to cargo in maritime transport and the exemptions from liability
10. Hague/Hague-Visby/Hamburg/Rotterdam Rules
11. Other shipping documents (waybills, mate’s receipt, delivery order, booking note, manifest)
12. Hull and Machinery, P & I and Cargo insurance
13. Definition of risk and loss (direct loss/consequential loss) and insurability of risk


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