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Offshore Operation oil and gas


      The course is designed to provide all newcomers to the industry (or those working in support functions) with information about the offshore installations, subsea production facilities and onshore requirements which ensure that the industry can function as a cost effective and practical business and is designed to give a clear understanding to delegates of the basic components of the offshore oil and Gas industry.


        This course helps understand terminologies, abbreviated names especially for those going offshore for the first time. It provides a good understanding of the offshore installations, functions and capabilities. The course is targeted at everyone who is associated with the industry as it enables him to attend and contribute to meetings and discussions with sound knowledge of the basics of offshore production and processing


  • Introduction: First Offshore Operations, The Scope of Offshore Operations 
  • Oil and Gas: Characteristics of Oil and Gas, Characteristics of Rock, Origin of Oil and Gas Migration and Accumulation of Oil and Gas, Traps
  • Exploration: Surveys, obtaining Drilling Rights 
  • Drilling Rigs: Bottom-Supported Units, Floating Units
  • Drilling a Well: Bits and Drilling Fluid, Circulating System, Rotating Systems, Power System, Hoisting System, Drilling Personnel, Selecting a Rig, Drilling from Bottom-Supported Units, Drilling from Floating Units, Formation valuation, Well Abandonment 
  • Completion: Drilling Platforms, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Directional and Horizontal drilling, Well Completion 
  •  Production: Reservoir Drive Mechanisms, Handling Oil Gas and Water, Artificial Lift, Additional Recovery Techniques, Well Servicing and Work over
  • Transportation: Transportation by Pipeline, Transportation by Tanker

Who Should Attend:

          New Comers to the offshore filed, masters, officers, engineers and ship mangers


         5 Days

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