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Special Courses Program

Maritime Economics

The aim of this course is to review the fundamentals of economics, to present the basic concerns and special features of maritime transport, and to apply economic principles to maritime transport.

1. Explain the meaning of common maritime economic and commercial terms.
2. Put emphasis on the application of economic principles to the maritime transport sector.
3. Economic explanation and analyses are made of the new characteristics of modern maritime transport.
4. A comprehensive economic review of all major aspects of shipping, ports, and other related sectors from the demand and supply viewpoint.
5. Focus on the key issue of maritime transport, such as the impact of economic development and trade on maritime transport auxiliaries, shipping cost analyses, freight evaluation and prediction, and the economics of maritime safety and environmental protection.

● World Economy and International Trade
● Demand of maritime transport
● Maritime geography
● Supply of maritime transport
● Major maritime transport countries
● Shipping organisation: tramp and liner
● Brokers, agents and freight forwarders
● The costs of maritime transport
● Maritime transport freight market.
● Market cycle.
● Shipping markets


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