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Special Courses Program

Maritime Financial Management

Provide an understanding of the fundamentals and principles of Accounting & Finance. It seeks at offering students a comprehensive recognition of the concepts of Financial Accounting, its process and dealing with several Financial Statements. Also the course provides students with a beneficial knowledge regarding various topics underlying Business Finance thus presenting the importance of Capital Budgeting, Cash flows concepts, Time Value of Money. Emphasize the relation between Risk and Return.

• Understanding the Objectives and Scope of Accounting.
• Learning & recognizing the Accounting process.
• Recognizing the preparation of various Financial Statements.
• Gaining Knowledge of the importance of Financial Statement Analysis.

1- Introduction to Accounting Basics & Accounting in Business
2- Accounting Equation & Transaction Analysis
3- Application on Accounting Process
4- Introduction to Financial Statements
5- Techniques & Tools of Financial Statements
6- Financial Statement – Balance Sheet
7- Usage of Financial Statement Analysis
8- Financial Ratios, adjusting accounts and entries
9- Introduction of financial Management and investment
10- Concepts of time value of money
11- Introduction of Capital budgeting
12- Capital Budgeting Techniques and capital rationing
13- Concept of risk and return
14- Application of risk and returns theory
15- Comprehensive cases and exercises of shipping companies Assessment
16- Introduction to Capital Structure and cost of capital structure
17- Comprehensive case and application
18- Introduction to behavioural finance and Behavioural finance theories


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