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Offshore Terminology of Handling & Operation


     The course is designed to enhance safety on offshore support vessels teaching new employees offshore terminology and safety during anchor handling, supply and cable laying operation.


  • To have personnel join the vessels with knowledge sufficient to enable them to work safety and efficiently onboard the vessels.
  • Furthermore, to give the inexperienced personnel basic knowledge of the design, scope of work and especially of the safety aspects related to offshore support vessels, including anchor handling, cargo handling and cable-laying.
  • To provide an introduction to company policies.
  • Give a general introduction to offshore support vessels, design and scope of work.
  • Become familiar with the safety aspects related to these Types of ship 
  • To hand and inspect wires, chains and related equipment properly
  •  How to practice safety when working with shark jaws
  • How to practice Safety during anchor handling, cargo handling, and towing operations and cable lying.


  • Types of supply & support vessels.
  • Types of Rigs and platforms.
  • Company procedures.
  •  Work place instructions.
  •  Basic Knowledge in vessel layout.
  •  Basic knowledge in vessel equipment.
  • Scope of work.
  • Types of cargo and cargo systems.
  •  Anchor – handling equipment.
  • Lifting techniques when handling heavy equipment.
  •  Man- handling gear on deck.
  • Safe practices when using shark jaws.
  • Safety when working with cables.
  • Proper use of CO2 systems.

Who Should Attend?

Masters, Mates, Engineers New joining offshore supply vessels & low experienced crew member.



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