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Special Courses Program

Maritime Port Economics

To understand the competitiveness in terms of total transportation chain and how their goals can be achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of supply chain.

• Understand the concepts of port economics, including the role and significance of ports in maritime transport, the importance of ports to the national/regional economy.
• Understand the Port Performance Indicators (PPI).
• Explain the fundamentals of benchmarking port efficiency and productivity
• Analyze the concepts of port competition and competitiveness

1. Port Performance Indicators (PPI) and Analysis –Introduction.
2. Performance Measurement.
3. Production measures.
4. Productivity measures.
5. Port efficiency measurements.
6. Utilization measures.
7. Port Performance Indicators (PPI) and Port Congestion.
8. Port Performance Indicators (PPI) and Queueing Theory.
9. Port competitiveness and attractiveness
10. Case study.


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