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Special Courses Program

Maritime Logistics and Marketing

To discuss, in the context of maritime transport, the concept and development of modern logistics, including supply chain management, and marketing.
• Examine the specific position of shipping and ports in the logistics and supply chain
• Introduce the main analytical tools as well as decision making techniques of logistics and marketing and their applications in the shipping and port sector.

1. External and internal environment changes in shipping and port sector
2. Competition in the maritime sector - Scope and evolution of logistics
3. Basic logistics concept - Supply chain management
4. Total cost - Cost trade offs
5. Customer services - Logistics strategy - Third party logistics
6. Transport strategies
7. Transport modal choices - Warehousing and costs
8. Warehousing strategies
9. Inventory cost and control
10. Logistics, ports and shipping
11. IT and logistics software and models
12. Maritime logistics - Container fleet logistics
13. Terminal logistics - Concept of modern marketing
14. Marketing information system
15. Marketing research - Marketing objectives
16. Market segmentation
17. Market forecasting - Service marketing
18. Marketing strategies
19. Relationship marketing
20. Value chain and other marketing analysis tools
21. Marketing organizations
22. Marketing promotion tools
23. Marketing control and evaluation


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