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Offshore Maintenance Supervisor

How is Maintenance Supervisor?

        Means the person assigned responsibility for the inspection, operation and testing, as

        required, of all machinery and equipment as specified by the owner of the MOU.

        The maintenance supervisor on same MOUs may also be referred to as the chief engineer,

        technical section leader or rig mechanic.


         This course has been specifically designed to provide delegates with knowledge and skills required   

          to take role of maintenance supervisor on MOU.

        And how to prepare maintenance plan and organize repairing procedures.


After complete the course the participants will acquire the following:

  • Responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the main propulsion and auxiliary machinery should meet requirements of chapter III of the STCW 1978 as amended.
  • Responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the power plant and auxiliary.
  • The Trainees will gained all technical methods to prepare the maintenance plan, and understanding how to organize the repair procedures, and raise the level of skills during inspection, operation and testing.


  •  Applied mechanics
  • Thermodynamics and Electro technology
  • Rig construction and general rig knowledge
  •  Qualification of supervisors
  •  Self – propelled MOUs and non –self – propelled MOUs
  •  Operation and maintenance of self and non-self propelled MOUs engines.
  •  Main propulsion and auxiliary.
  •  Chapter III of STCW 1978 as amended.
  •  Operation and Maintenance of power plant
  •  Operation and Maintenance of auxiliary machinery including pumping and piping.
  •  Detection of machinery malfunction and location of faults to prevent or minimize damage
  •  Operation and maintenance of fire practices.
  •  Survival craft maintenance
  •  Pollution prevention.
  •  Evaluating competence for maintenance supervisors.
  • Standards of Competence for maintenance.

Who Should Attend?

       Maintenance Supervisor, Chief engineers, Technical department staff.




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