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Offshore SPMs System & Handling


The course will provide a full information about SPMs mooring, instruction, characteristics, maintenance, equipments and systems according to Guidance for SPMs which come into force on July 2001.  Which recommended to remove the conflict between users of these field.  


      The course will raise the trainees skills by understanding the following:

  • Full information about SPMs systems, equipments, and handling.
  • Information abuts classification Requirements.
  • Gained the needed skills mooring on SPMs.
  • Handling of Ballast water with full care to the environment.
  • Methods and techniques of maintenance and maintenance plan.


  • Classification Registry surveying. And approved requirement to SPMs.
  • Single point mooring “SPM” system, design, features, configuration and operation.
  • Equipments and systems.
  • Terminal information and Capacity.
  • SPM communication and control.
  • SPM Particulars.
  • Mooring and hose connection instruction.
  • Ballets discharge and pollution control.
  • Cargo handling operation.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Rigging equipment & safety.
  • SPM maintenance.
  • Offshore engineers.

Who Should Attend:

           Mooring staff, supply and tug boats staff, SPM responsible, pilots


        8 Days




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