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Rig Stability and Jack - up Drilling


The course is designed to meet the requirement of SOLAS and load line convention, 1966 for conventional ships.


             The participants will understanding:

  • Recommendation of design criteria and construction standards.
  • Safety measures for mobile offshore drilling units according to MODU code, SOLAS, and load line convention, 1966.
  • Stability requirement for jack – up drilling rigs in intact condition while afloat, in all modes of operation specially wind effect.
  • Internationally acceptable standard of safety by defining minimum requirements for stability


  • Initial stability
  • Stability of roll.
  • Static and dynamic stability.
  • Operating curres.
  • Platform Movement.
  • Wind effect and wind heeling moment.
  • Stability criteria for “MOU”
  • Intact and damage stability requirements.
  • Deep draught floating installions.
  • Load line and drought marks.
  • Water light integrity.
  • Free board and water light closing appliances.
  • Certification and classification.
  • Static loss of stability.
  • Dynamic loss of stability.
  • Stability disasters.
  • Stability “MOU” during towing and movement

Who Should Attend:

        Deck officers, Supervisors, inspectors and Responsible person for rig move.


       8 Days.

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