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Offshore Engineering Course


This course is unique to offshore and oil/Gads Terminal engineering to be familiar on offshore engineering duties, and focuses upon the in innovative design, manufacture, deployment and commissioning of systems associated with the marine and offshore oil/ gas industries


After complete the course the trainees has a ability to joined to offshore technical engineering staff with fully understanding the following:

  • The technique of design & construction.
  •  Material technology.
  • Marine electial powering, resistance and propulsion.
  • Control of the instruments process.
  • Building aspect.
  • Energy and marine survey.
  • Mathematics, dynamics and hydrostatics.
  • Maintenance operation and maintenance plan


  • Mathematics, dynamics and hydrostatics.
  • Design and construction.
  • Programming and problem solving for engineering.
  • Material technology.
  • Electronical fundamentals.
  • Marine Electronical powering and systems.
  • Offshore science & engineering or ship production.
  • Thermal engineering.
  • Design of offshore systems or structural Analysis.
  • Offshore resistance and propulsion.
  • Instrumentation & process control.
  • Maintenance operation maintenance plan.
  • Ship, Rig. Platform building.
  • Alternative energy.
  • Marine survey.
  • Statutory bodies.
  • Industrial process and power generation sectors Emergency procedures.
  • Environment protective

Who Should Attend:

          Engineers and all engine staff


          10 days   Two week









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