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Recreational Tourism Diving Courses

Matching CMAS – PADI special modules of training courses have been designed to add specific practical training, so that the trainee would be ready to cover the job of “Underwater” Tourism Dive Master.

Course CodeCourse TitleDurationMinimum to Attend
DR 112Recreational Tourism Diving Courses12 Weeksــــــــــــــــــ
Recreation diving courses:

All the courses we can conduct for both organizations.

CMAS Courses

PADI Courses

  • One star diver
  • Two star diver
  • Three star diver


  • One star
  • Two star
  • Three star
Start from
  • DR 113 Open water diver course
  • DR 114 Advance open water diver course
  • DR 115 Emergency first responder
  • Rescue diver course
  • Dive master course

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