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Entry-Level Technician

Course Code Course Title Duration Minimum to Attend
MPELT110 Entry-Level Technician 48 weeks 5 Students
Course Aim:

This course for observers is intended to provide basic meteorological knowledge and practice in weather observing procedures and in the plotting of synoptic and aviation reports. On completion of the course participants are expected to:

  1. Be familiar with the procedures and rules governing the coding and recording of different weather elements
  2. Accurately code, decode and plot synoptic and aviation reports
  3. Plot data on surface synoptic charts, upper air charts and thermodynamic diagrams.
  4. Extract hourly and daily data, and tabulate these data on climatological forms.
  5. Determine when meteorological instruments are functioning properly.
Outline Syllabus

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Meteorological instruments and observing practices
  • Meteorological codes
  • Aeronautical practices and procedures
  • General meteorology
  • Map plotting
  • Meteorological telecommunications
  • Introduction to Agro-meteorology
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