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The graduation projects

Published: Monday,26 December 2016 15:06 | Hits: 1

The graduation projects of the 8th semester students of the Marine Engineering Technology Department (90 students) have been defended on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. The students have presented 13 projects covering important aspects related to maritime transport. The projects were supervised and referred by selected figures from the academia and the industry.
Before the defense sessions, a ceremony was held at the Conference Hall (010) and was attended by Dr. Mohamed Daoud, Vice president for Maritime Affairs, Dr. Mohi El-Sayeh, Dean of college of Maritime Transport and Technology, Dr. Nasr Abdel-Rahman, Head of Marine Engineering Technology Department, supervisors, referees and staff of the Department as well as the students, most of the latter are Nigerians. That is why the event was of interest to the Nigerian media as may be seen from the picture below.

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