The AAGSB is dedicated to ensuring a personalized educational experience for its students. Beyond tradition in the MBA track the AAGSB is now launching a new B2B MBA concept "Industry Customized MBA Tracks" with a double objective:

  • Support the technical industries with 100% relevant and fit education
  • Close the bridge between the market needs and the market supply in education


The MBA in "Real Estate and Property Management" is designed to cover a comprehensive overview of the disciplines related to the operation and control of properties that are made on behalf of the owner, in order to preserve the value of the property while generating income. It will also cover aspects related to urban planning while repairing and maintaining the integrity of the buildings.


  1. Real Estate Market Assessment Tools
  2. Real Estate Economics and Investments
  3. Laws and Regulation of Real Estate Business
  4. Policy Impacts and Real Estate Management
  5. Real Estate Insurance and Finance
  6. Market Transactions in Real Estate Business
  7. New Technologies and Quality Control of Facilities in Real Estate Business Management


  • Duration: 2 years at least (Maximum 5 years) through 4 semesters - 6 months each
  • The degree consists of 16 courses 4 courses per semester - 8 core courses & 8 Track courses
  • Classes Conduction: Weekdays - Twice a week - from 6 PM to 10 PM
  • Fall Intake: November / Application Deadline: Mid of October
  • Spring Intake: May / Application Deadline: Mid of April


  • Original Bachelor’s Degree Certificate (with minimum grade of Good)
    In case of Pass grade, applicant should study a number of pre-requisite courses first or to be already a holder of Diploma degree with minimum grade of Good in addition to the Bachelor certificate.
  • Original Bachelor’s Degree Transcript
  • Accreditation from the Supreme Council of Universities - Egypt is required from applicants holding certificates from private and Non-Egyptian universities.
  • Copy of ID or Passport for Non-Egyptians
  • 5 Personal Photos (White Background)
  • Resume/CV
  • For Non-Egyptians: An Approval Letter from applicant’s Embassy for studying at the Academy.


  • Passing MBA Admission Test
  • Satisfactory performance during the interview