Graduate School of Business Message

On the premise of our unique status in the Arab world as a private Graduate School of Business with a unified vision, we aspire to develop young corporate managers’ knowledge and skills.

We appreciate the urging need of the emerging economy business for distinctive managers with powerful and innovative solutions to the contemporary management problems. Quality, open communication and innovative culture signify our working atmosphere. The Graduate School of Business (GSB), staff, and students are committed to developing a value-based and sustainable approach to management.

Longing for developing your critical thinking skills and widening your breadth of vision, we position you at the nucleus of future management. The GSB redefines management education and pursue exemplary comprehensive research. Our programs are designed to help and train students engage in innovative and social learning experience.

In the changing world of business, if you feel that there is more than just managing the place you are in, join us to discuss all means of boosting your career as a genuine corporate manager and leader. The GSB is a prominent part of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime transport which is well known for its contribution to the Arab world at large.