Program Structure

A DBA student should attain 36 credit hours pertaining to the following 13 courses (three credits each):

First and Second Semester: ( 6 core courses)

  1. Research Methods and Philosophy of Science
  2. Applied Statistics (Multivariate Analysis)
  3. Applied Economics
  4. Corporate Finance and Firm Valuation
  5. Global Management Systems
  6. Marketing Modeling and Theory 

Third Semester: three courses to be chosen from the following seven courses

  1. Advanced Strategic Human Resources 
  2. Organizational Analysis and Design
  3. E-Business Strategies
  4. Operations Management 
  5. Modeling and Decision Making 
  6. Corporate Performance Analysis
  7. Derivatives & Risk Managmement
  • Every Student should choose the specialization track after the 9th course.
  • To be allowed to start the specialization phase , the Students GPA has to be a minimum of 3.0

4th Semester: Specialization Track

  • 10- Independent Studies(1)
  • 11- Independent Studies(2)
  • 12- Seminar in ... (according to the chosen track) This Course is ended by submitting the DBA dissertation  proposal to be discussed , then approved by AAGSB Academic committee.

Dissertation Phase: (24 credit hours)