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The world started to feel the damage resulting from recurrent natural disasters. In developing countries, the responses to disasters have been focused exclusively on relief actions following the occurrence of disasters, but it is now time to adopt, more positively, planning for disaster prevention and mitigation. There are increasing concerns, among policymakers and persons in charge of regional development, that measures for disaster prevention and mitigation should receive greater emphasis. In these conditions, recommendations on the need for information exchange, increased research and training on disaster prevention and mitigation has highlighted the need for establishing an institute for disaster reduction.

In response to the growing concern and interest on the part of the Arab Academy for science technology and Maritime transport in regional development planning for disaster prevention, the Academy has established an institute for disaster reduction management  that aims primarily on taking a global approach to disaster reduction, and involving every individual and every community towards the goals of reducing the loss of lives, the socio-economic setbacks and the environmental damages caused by natural hazards.

The Institute will address this issue from a global perspective in cooperation with a variety of UN agencies and international organizations /initiatives, such as the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR).