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E-Business is affecting great part of our lives. The effect has already gone beyond buying and selling electronically to penetrate new areas such as health (e-health), leisure (e-leisure), government services (e-government), learning (e-learning), banking (e-banking), to name this is just a few.

The labor market demand from E-Business managers in Egypt and the Arab world far exceeds the supply of suitable postgraduates.

This is fostered by the fact that various employers across different fields give high appreciation and recognition to the postgraduates of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, School of Postgraduate in Business. The E-Business postgraduates also have opportunities in other areas such as accountancy, marketing, sales and training.

Further, upon successful completion of this degree postgraduates will be able to apply for higher degrees at DBA level, at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology or any other worldwide universities.

  • To undertake quality research covering both theory and practical concepts of e-Business and e-Commerce solutions.
  • To professionalize e-Business solution management by developing an independent cadre of professionally trained e-solutions managers.
  • To promote formal training and education for e-Business solutions management in the region.
  • To build working partnerships with the Government, universities, corporate bodies and other national and international Institutes of similar initiatives.
  • To link learning and action by building a synergy between institutions and professionals in the sector.
  • Increase public awareness to understand e-Services, e-Gov solutions and their managerial, economic, cultural implications.
  • Obtain commitment from public authorities to implement e-Services policies and actions.
  • Improve scientific knowledge about e-Business solutions.
  • Establishing information platform for integrated e-Business and e-Commerce solutions management.