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The “Sports Management Arab Institute” is dedicated to facilitate interdisciplinary research projects focusing on a wide range of Sports Industry opportunities. Research has focused on all aspects of the Sports Industry. In particular, the Sports Management Institute aims to:

  1. Research Sports - related problems, such as the impacts of Sports, Sports planning for sustainable communities and the effectiveness of Sports promotional materials.
  2. Develop new opportunities for research activities in the Sports industry.
  3. Communicate new findings on Sports research to Sports Industry partners, elected officials, Sports - related businesses, and community-based organizations.
  4. Help formulate public - and private sector policies that will lead to improvement in Sports planning and development around the world.
  5. Train domestic and international leaders and scholars about the Sports industry.
  6. Increase capacity building through funds for graduate and postdoctoral training in Spots.
  7. Facilitate collaboration between industry partners via coordination of a quarterly newsletter, practitioner-oriented white papers, annual conferences and lecture series.